BASICLYGEN is a weekly column focused on the worldwide generation of graduates and creatives and their COVID-19 self evolution. From fashion to lifestyle, BASICLYGEN represents a lighthouse in the dark and a symbol of hope for our 2021.

What is your story?, what do you do…?

We both are in our final year in Business Management. We met in late 2019 at a flat party (while it was still legal!) in the student accommodation we were living in at the time. We got together just a couple of months after we met, even though we started out as just friends, but everything has been great since for us (we started living together from day 1). Both of us are really interested in fashion, we have similar to the same taste and we find passion in finding new brands constantly.


How has COVID-19 penalised or helped your creative process ? (Or music creation, fashion sense, work, photography, lifestyle..?)

Since the outbreak happened, it changed our lives totally, not allowing us to bring a lot of our plans to existence including travelling and dressing up and go out to new places and shopping too. At least since the first quarantine last year, we were able to save way more money and start doing other things together, like home cooking/baking etc. Regarding fashion, I feel like we haven’t been that active like we used to, mainly because of the reason we’re not able to go places so we don’t dedicate much energy to buying/exploring clothes that are just going to stay in the closet until this whole thing goes away. We also find it very difficult to focus on our studies as everything has been switched to online now, someone would say that online would be easier (as we thought in the beginning) but turns out nothing can beat face to face interaction when it comes to education and socialising.


What do you think are the best ways to keep up with the fashion trends Nowadays ?

Easiest ways to keep up would of course be Instagram, by following a variety of fashion pages or brands, individual accounts that you can find inspiration or just like their personal style. Another way is by following certain hashtags to be able to explore and find out about more brands or people, even getting to interact with a whole variety of people through posts or by following/texting each other.

How do you see yourself in the future? / what are your hopes, your aims?   

Both of us are studying to work in our parents companies after graduation, however we hope that one day we could run something around fashion on the side (at first at least), not specifically sure about what would that be yet. We also hope we’re able to move to Canada soon and be able to work from there.


Show us 5 of your favorite songs


Goldlink ft. Tyler the Creator – U Say

Snoh Aalegra – DYING 4 YOUR LOVE

2Pac – Do For Love

Drake ft. Alicia Keys – Fireworks

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Intervista di Benedetta Giorgianni     Photos by Mattia Bonizzato

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