BASICLYGEN is a weekly column focused on the worldwide generation of graduates and creatives and their COVID-19 self evolution. From fashion to lifestyle, BASICLYGEN represents a lighthouse in the dark and a symbol of hope for our 2021.

What is your story?, what do you do…?

Hi, I’m Federica, i’m 24 and i’m a fashion designer and a pattern maker graduated from the Istituto Secoli, in Milan. During my studies I learned how to make clothes in every aspect, from design to prototyping to the final realization of the dress to be paraded on the catwalk.


How has COVID-19 penalised or helped your creative process ? (Or music creation, fashion sense, work, photography, lifestyle..?)

4Certainly this situation caused by COVID-19 did not help my path because, like many other peers of mine, I found myself preparing my thesis project in the middle of a pandemic situation. The creative process is severely tested if not almost canceled because you no longer have motivations and stimuli and… this blocks creativity!! Anyway, after a very difficult first period, I reinvented myself and completed the project: this is why I also say that this pandemic situation has had positive implications for me, because it has given me the opportunity to test myself and overcome my limits!

What do you think are the best ways to keep up with the fashion trends nowadays ?

No doubt, be so curious! I consider curiosity one of the best tools to keep up with trends and, 5why not, also a tool to anticipate them! 

In my opinion, curiosity goes hand in hand with the desire to learn and I think this pandemic has made us understand how much technology can help us in this process. One of the characteristics of fashion is that it is changeable, constantly evolving and always subject to transformations and evolutions, which is why I believe that digital is an extra help to keep up with trends. Fantastic to intend the web and social media as a mega archive from which to take all possibile ideas!

How do you see yourself in the future? / what are your hopes, your aims?   

I imagine myself working for an important fashion brand.. or better, this is my hope!

Show us 5 of your favorite songs

I have many favorite songs, because it depends on the period but these are the constant ones:

The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Goosebumps – Travis Scott

Notti in bianco – Blanco

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