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What is your story?, what do you do…?

We are Letizia and Lorenzo, we’re from two different cities and met here in Milano.
Letizia: I’m from Chiari, a small country near Brescia. I attended high school in Brescia and university in Milano (my parents always suggested me to move from the small reality we were living). I moved here in Milano in 2015, I was in my second year and the deal with my parents was that I could move but I had to find work. I was lucky enough to find my very first job in a magical place called Potafiori, a bistrot and flower shop just downstairs my apartment.
I worked there for 2 beautiful years, in 2017 I graduated with full marks in Fashion styling and communication, developing a group thesis project in collaboration with Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré. From 2017 I’ve been working in fashion showrooms, an environment I really like, passing through 5 different companies, for many reasons: I quit my first job and then there were mostly separated sales campaign. Now I feel I’m in the right place for me and I really hope it lasts. Finger crossed. I met Lorenzo thanks to a mutual friend. We started as friends, we used to go clubbing together. Then it happened at Rocket Milano, we were tipsy and having so much fun… we kissed when in the background Tiziano Ferro was playing… sooo cheesy. From that moment we started building our relationship, which is a love story, a best friends relation and a partnership. We started our work project in a moment we were in-between jobs and we wanted to create something that was just ours. So our brand Pastish and first collection were born. We really needed to put our skill to test. Pastish is a streetwear brand with the integration of technical details. We’re online now with the first item, the pouch ( ndr.)

Lorenzo: I’m from Vercelli, a small town between Turin and Milan, near enough to the fashion pole but enough far to not has the minimal sense of aesthetic. I studied at the local art high school in which I start to understand how art can combine peoples, different under every aspects. Was one of favorite period of my life. Then I decided to start my studies in Fashion Design at IED in Milan, divided by Vercelli and Milano every day. During the first year I had the occasion to work for Prada, regarding the retail section, and was an amazing experience during which I understood the real work world, growing day by day. Starting by this, I tried to combine my studies with work to have a bigger range of experiences about the fashion sector. During the second year I worked as Brand Manager for Blyszak eyewear, a British eyewear brand and the year after for L’Officiel Homme Italia as assistant to the fashion stylist director.At the end of my studies, I shown my first solo collection, titled “SUBJECTIVE MADNESS” at the Pirelli Tower during the MFW. After this started my fashion designer course by Bottega Veneta, moving my this to others important name of the fashion scene.

How has COVID-19 penalised or helped your creative process ? (Or music creation, fashion sense, work, photography, lifestyle..?)

Letizia: I’ve always though about Milano as the city where I wanted to grow up and old for the many possibilities that offers (especially in fashion). Covid-19 made me realize that I need more Stones1space, air, nature around me and also it made me think about my social contribution and hobbies. Working in fashion takes a lot of time and energy and the only way out I had before covid was going out having a drink my friends, going clubbing. Now that is not possible anymore I have time to dedicate to other activities like reading, learning another language, cooking.

Lorenzo: The fashion system was hit really hard by pandemic, so of course my work feeled a sort of stop that was really negative in terms of possibilities. At the same time the fashion industry change a lot during this period, in a positive way, trying to produce less and think more about what’s relevant and what superfluous. Regarding the personal life, I miss that sense of lightness, going to the club, thinking less and enjoying the free time that is the perfect balance to the working days. I learned how to cut a sort of my daily parallel space in order to not think to the annoying considerations about this period. I live my life considering it as the “new normality”

What do you think are the best ways to keep up with the fashion trends nowadays ?

Letizia: I can finally say I don’t care about trends anymore. I mean, fashion world is filled with so many brands and proposals that you cannot keep up with everything, it’s humanly impossible. StonesNow I’m in my 25 and I feel free to follow and buy whatever I like. Also, I’m a Gemini, I have a lot of inspiration periods, so maybe today you can see me dressed like Kim Kardashian West (OK not West anymore) in my biker shorts and tight technic t-shirt, but tomorrow I can be dressed as Winona Ryder in Stranger Things.

Lorenzo: I never thought in term of trends. I express my intention piece by piece.
I like that piece, I buy that piece, not thinking if is balance with my guardrobe. Is a really cool way to proceed, but of course you have to feel confident with your choices.

How do you see yourself in the future? / what are your hopes, your aims?   

Letizia: First hope: to be healthy. As my grandpa used to say: when you’re in health you can’t complain. Then, I hope to work with the same passion I have now, to be less anxious and maybe less “organized” (I think Lorenzo agrees on this last point, I always wake him up on Saturday with the To do list divided per hour). Ops.

Be Healthy
Surround by peoples that I love and respect. Developed my work day by day as a passion Tick all my desires.

Show us 5 of your favorite songs

Letizia: Ok this is the hardest question.
1. Good Life by Kanye West + all the others KW songs + Sunday Service 2. Quello che non ho by Fabrizio de Andrè
3. Just because I have to pick one of Mina I’d say Acqua e Sale
4. L’arena by Ennio Morricone
5. Copacabana by Barry Manilow

1. Icon by Jaden Smith
2. Dark Night Dummo Travis Scott ft. Trippy Red 3. Alleria by Pino Daniele
4. Pleasure-craft by Tarantula
5. Una mattina by Ludovico Einaudi

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