In 2013, a group of young friends from Emilia Romagna founded The Silted Company, a made in Italy brand inspired by a great passion and culture: surfing. Silted_3

We met them during the Pitti Uomo 2020 and we have been immediately inspired by their positive mood.

This collective consists of surfers, designers, musicians, photographers and innovative filmmakers, it embraces the curious side of the way thinking and positive changes in the world.

Their motto is “Perceiving Endless”, it encompasses the past, present and future of their project.

The whole collection is a hymn to the surf culture but also to freedom. What we really appreciated about their collection was how they have been Silted_2very coherent to their identity and that is very important for an emerging brand that needs to leave a trace in the fashion industry. It is very interesting how their designs are actually merging different fashion cultures as Japanese, Nordic and American but all their products are developed and produced in Italy, maintaining an high attention regarding the fabric details. Just have a look at the colors palette and you are already taken to a Californian beach, while drinking a beer with your feet in the hot sand, feeling the ocean breeze on your skin.

The Silted Company do have already as a brand a strong personality: you can feel it, touch it and look in every piece they have made. We loved it and we really hope you will love it as much as we did.

Posted by:BasiclyMag